[16.02.|09z-21z|LKAA] Runway 4you

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[16.02.|09z-21z|LKAA] Runway 4you

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Ein sehr interessantes Event! - Es lohnt sich, mal den unten stehenden Text durchzulesen. Ich würde mich sehr freuen einige von euch dort mit sehen zu können. Ich hoffe mal, dass ich meinen Flusi bis dahin wieder fit habe :)

Dear pilots,

every country tries to invite as much pilots as possible for their events. They use sophisticated techniques to invite every possible crew for their special events. That’s nice, but it’s still the same. We, pilots, ATCs and VATSIM staff from Czech Republic are preparing very unique day called “Runway4You”. We’ve already spent a lot of effort, time and money to make the biggest event in the VATSIM Europe history.

We dispose of a club for more than 400 people. (http://www.vratislavice101010.cz/public/data/images/101010.JPG)
We’ve invited more than 40 schools. We’ve sent more than 1000 flyers. We managed to issue 2 pages in local newsletters. We invited video-recording company to record materials for a short movie. We will have more than 35 participants on site (Pilots and Controllers).
We invited all neighbouring countries of Czech Republic to participate. And now, we are inviting you!

What can you expect? Of course, the ACC (LKAA_CTR) will be online during the whole event. You may expect sectorization (LKAA_W_CTR, and/or LKAA_E_CTR online as well). All major airports in the Czech Republic will be fully covered all of the event duration (LKPR, LKKV, LKMT, LKTB, and others). And of course, we are expecting completely crowded skies full of airplanes of different types, callsings, origin and nationality. With a biggest effort we’ve ever made, we are trying to beat the record in traffic movements over the Prague airspace.

This unique event starts February 16-th 2013 at 9:00z (10 CET) and we will not just go away before 21:00z (22 CET) the same day. You may participate any time fits your availability. More fly during the day will bring more fun for all of us. Of course, as well as during a “normal” flyins, we expect the most traffic to arrive/depart Czech airspace between 19-21z. Be assured, our professional controllers are ready to handle these peak hours with fun and passion.

For more information, please visit our website http://www.runway4you.cz
The website is updated almost daily, so check out for latest info frequently. As the event approaches is final launch, we will start to broadcast live stream from the site. Links to the stream will be available on www.runway4you.cz approximately friday noon, when we will start constructing our playground

The Gift!
Everyone living outside Czech Republic and will land at least 3 times during this event in LKAA airspace, should send an email to [url]petr@bily.cz[/url] with his post address and callsign. He will then receive small present by post.

For Czech charts and scenery visit our main website http://www.vacc-cz.org
Toni Jahn
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